Terms & Conditions / User Agreement

The text below is our user agreement and terms and conditions required to register on our auction site. Please read completely before deciding to agree or disagree with these terms.

In order to register on this site, you need to provide a credit card number – this is needed to secure your bids only. Although our site is secure, we understand that some people are wary of supplying credit card information online. If you wish to register and provide your credit card number to us over the telephone instead, please call us at (830) 864-5040

About the Auction

This website – arteautoauction.com – is for online bidding only. The concept is simple: the bidder places online bids before the deadline date, after which the auction is considered closed and each lot goes to the highest bidder. Bidders are encouraged to bid early. Under bidders will be informed when they are outbid in order to have the opportunity to increase their bids. To encourage early bidding, all bidding activity that happens in the last closing 10 minutes will automatically extend that lot for a period of 20 minutes. If bidding activity takes place in the closing 10 minutes of that time period, the time will be extended another 20 minutes, and so on until there is no more last minute bidding activity. Bidding Deadline (always Central Standard Time) is advertised on our Home page. New bids cannot be placed after closing – unless the auction has been automatically extended by a period of 20 minutes (see above). All bids will be handled through our online auction system. Bids entered by mail, fax, or phone will be entered into the online auction system by l’art et l’automobile on the bidders behalf. Bids received by phone, fax, or mail that are under the current bid price cannot be entered. We recommend that if you need us to assist you with placing a bid you contact l’art et l’automobile well before the deadline of the auction’s closing. Please place your bids early to avoid the last minute rush – and also to avoid the automatic extending auction time.

Buyer’s Premium & Sales Tax

Bidders are reminded that the purchase price to be paid by the highest bidder will be the sum of the final bid price plus the buyer’s premium of 15% of the final bid. Purchases within the state of Texas are subject to 6.75% sales tax, unless the buyer is exempted by law and provides l’art et l’automobile with a valid and current resale certificate.

Bid Placement

Bids may be placed by mail, phone, fax, online or in person. Bids must be accompanied by a valid credit card number with expiration date or by a check drawn on a U.S. bank. When bidding online, a credit card number must be collected at registration. Payment will be held in escrow and only applied when and if the bidder is successful. The Maximum bid feature allows you to place an opening bid and indicate your maximum bid. In this case, the auction system will raise your bid using the standard increment structure up to but not exceeding your maximum bid, after which you will be informed when you are outbid.

Price Range Estimates

In addition to descriptive information, each entry on our web site contains a price range which reflects, in our opinion, the prices expected to be realized.


The reserve, reserve price or starting bid is the minimum price that l’art et l’automobile, acting for the seller, is willing to accept. Below that starting price the lot will not be sold. This amount is agreed upon before the auction by both the seller and l’art et l’automobile.

Raising your Bids

You will be notified of the lowest possible bid amount when you bid online or by phone. Minimum bid increments are as follows:

$1.00 to $99.99 = $5.00 bid increment
$100.00 to $499.99 = $20.00 bid increment
$500.00 to $999.99 = $50.00 bid increment
$1,000.00 to $4,999.99 = $100.00 bid increment
$5,000.00 to $9.999.99 = $250.00 bid increment
$10,000.00 to $49,999.99 = $500.00 bid increment
$50,000.00 to $99,999.99 = $1,000.00 bid increment
$100,000.00 to $499,999.99 = $2,500.00 bid increment
$500,000.00 and over = $5,000.00 bid increment


Payment may be made to l’art et l’automobile by checks drawn on a US bank, US currency, wire transfer (plus $35 fee), PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover (PayPal and all credit cards payments will incur a 3% fee). Statements are issued within 10 days of the auction end and buyers are to make payment within 15 days of the day they receive their statement. If payment has not been received within 15 days of the statement date, there will be a late/storage monthly fee of 1.5%.


We use UPS ground service. Buyer pays shipping. Overseas shipping fees to be agreed upon between buyer and l’art et l’automobile. We recommend UPS for all shipments domestic and international as items are trackable and insured in case of loss or damage. Any other carriers are the owner’s sole responsibility.

For international shipment, if declared for the full value, this will be the declared value for Customs. The buyer is solely responsible for all duty fees.

Your invoice will be included in your package for domestic (USA) shipping, in an email for international.

Return Policy

Buyer must obtain return authorization from l’art et l’automobile. Such authorization is given only under the condition that the lot(s) is not received as described in the catalog. Requests for return must be made no later than 10 days from receipt of item. Bids cancelled or returned after the end of the auction for any other reason will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the closing price.

Conditions of Sale

1. l’art et l’automobile acts solely as agent for the seller of each lot.
2. All property is sold “as is” and neither l’art et l’automobile nor the seller (“consignor”) makes any express or implied representations of any kind or nature with respect to each lot beyond the descriptions contained in the text. It should be noted that all items are described accurately to the best of our knowledge, and questions may be asked.
3. l’art et l’automobile reserves the right to offer duplicate examples to the under bidder.
4. l’art et l’automobile is not responsible for the provenance of lots prior to consignment.
5. This agreement is entered into pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas and shall be so construed and governed.

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