What kind of auction is this and when does the auction end?

The auction ends at 3:00pm CST on Monday, April 10th, 2017. This is an online auction. Bidders are encouraged to bid early. Under bidders will be informed when they are outbid in order to have the opportunity to increase their bids if desired. To encourage early bidding, all bidding activity that happens in the last closing 10 minutes will automatically extend that lot for a period of 20 minutes. If bidding activity takes place in the closing 10 minutes of that time period, the time will be extended another 20 minutes, and so on until there is no more last minute bidding activity. This is to avoid auction sniping.

Extended Bidding – No Sniping

For many auction bidders, sniping is a common disappointment. You submitted your highest bid during the last minutes of the auction, confident in the likelihood of winning, then suddenly, with seconds to go, someone else swoops in with an even higher offer. Before you have time to retaliate, the auction is closed. In auction jargon, you have become the victim of a sniper. Sniping is a method of online auction bidding where a bid is placed in the final seconds of an auction and the former high bidder is outbid, or sniped. The auction closes and the sniper, in essence, steals the auction.

How does l’art et l’automobile prevent sniping?
We are preventing sniping by automatically extending auctions with last minute bids.

Many sellers and bidders have voiced their frustration over the unpleasant experiences they have had with sniping. So, we have instituted the concept of a “soft close” on all of our auctions. If an auction lot receives a bid within 10 minutes of the scheduled auction time, the auction on this particular lot will be extended for an additional 20 minutes, then it will continue indefinitely until 20 minutes have passed without a new high bid.

How do I view the site’s Terms & Conditions?

You can view our Terms & Conditions and User Agreement here.

How do I bid?

Bidding is simple. First, you must be registered. Then, find the item you wish to bid on, and follow the simple on screen instructions.

Why is the current high bidder no longer displayed on the auction pages?

Simply for privacy reasons. By removing the high bidder information from the auction pages and the bid amount pages we have provided a private bidding environment for our users. You can still see if you are the high bidder however! Simply log in and click on the “MyAccount” link on the top right hand side of the screen. Once there you will see “My Latest Bids” once the auction is live or you can click on the “Active Auctions” on the left side of the page. These pages will give you a summary of all your open and winning bids.

Do I need to register to view all of the lots?

No, but you need to register to bid on lots in this auction. There are many benefits of registering, including the ability to watch all of the lots you have bids on easily.

Do I really need to give my Credit Card information to register?

Yes, a valid credit card needs to be on file for you to register, and is used ONLY to secure your bid. This information is provided over a Secure SSL connection. When the auction is over, you have the option to pay for the item via credit card, check, money order, or bank transfer (contact us for PayPal option).

Although our site is secure, we understand that some people are wary of supplying credit card information online. If you wish to register and provide your credit card number to us over the telephone instead, please call us at (830) 864-5040

How do I consign items to future auctions?

We are always looking for quality consignments for future auctions. Additional information can be found here.

Do you still have catalogs?

No, we are now conducting online auctions only.

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